"I am proud to endorse Lesley Briones for County Commissioner, Precinct 4. Lesley Briones’ proven values of fairness and equal justice, combined with her proven skills at getting results for children, seniors, and families, will help keep Harris County safe, healthy, and thriving for all our residents."
Rodney Ellis, Harris County Commissioner, Precinct 1
"I enthusiastically give my full support to Lesley Briones in her campaign for County Commissioner, Precinct 4. Lesley Briones’ professional qualifications and life experiences make her the best qualified to confront the issues facing Precinct 4 and all of Harris County – from public safety and flooding to health care and jobs. I’m unequivocally all in for Lesley!"
Adrian Garcia, Harris County Commissioner, Precinct 2
State Rep. Ana Hernandez
State Rep. Christina Morales
State Rep. Mary Ann Perez
State Rep. Armando Walle
Houston City Council Member Robert Gallegos

Steven Flores, President, Latino Labor Leadership Council

Shapnik Khan, Vice Chair, Texas Progressive Executive Council & Founder at Bangladeshi-American Business Association

Roland Garcia

Juan Guerra,
Co-Founder, Latino Democratic PAC

Natali Hurtado, Former Democratic Party Nominee, State Rep. District 126

Ryan Lindsay

Wayne Lord,
Plumbers Union Local 68

Rick Lord,
Plumbers Union Local 68

Dave Matthiesen

Michael Moore, Former Candidate, Harris County Commissioner Pct. 3

Amber Mostyn

Rufi Natarajan, Former Director, Harris County Democratic Party

Carroll Robinson, President, Coalition of Texas Black Democrats

Lillie Schechter, Former Chair, Harris County Democratic Party

Lenora Sorola-Pohlman, Co-Founder, Latinas United PAC

James Rodriguez, Co-Founder, Latino Democratic PAC

Tony Sanchez, Jr., Former Democratic Party Nominee, Texas Governor