Congressman Al Green

“It is my privilege to endorse Judge Lesley Briones in her campaign for Harris County Commissioner, Precinct 4. Lesley is deeply committed to making sure all Harris County residents receive fair representation. As an educator, judge, and former nonprofit executive, she has the proven experience we need to drive bold changes in Harris County. Judge Briones and I will serve many of the same constituents once she is elected. I look forward to working with her on critical issues such as voting rights, affordable housing, flood mitigation, and health care so that we can advance access, opportunity, and equal justice for all in our communities.”

Sylvia Garcia

“I am proud to give my full support to Judge Lesley Briones in her campaign for Harris County Commissioner, Precinct 4. As a former county commissioner, I know what it takes to effectively serve in this role. Lesley’s experience as a former public school teacher, non-profit leader, judge, and mother will make her a highly effective advocate for the people of Precinct 4. I look forward to collaborating with Lesley so that the federal and county governments can continue partnering to improve Harris County.”

Lizzie Fletcher

“I am proud to endorse Judge Lesley Briones in her campaign for Harris County Commissioner, Precinct 4. For the last fifteen years, I have known Lesley and have witnessed firsthand her integrity, work ethic, and commitment to public service. She is a proven leader who knows how to get things done and who will serve Harris County with distinction.”​

Rodney Ellis, Harris County Commissioner, Precinct 1​

“I am proud to endorse Lesley Briones for County Commissioner, Precinct 4. Lesley Briones’ proven values of fairness and equal justice, combined with her proven skills at getting results for children, seniors, and families, will help keep Harris County safe, healthy, and thriving for all our residents.”

Adrian Garcia, Harris County Commissioner, Precinct 2​

“I enthusiastically give my full support to Lesley Briones in her campaign for County Commissioner, Precinct 4. Lesley Briones’ professional qualifications and life experiences make her the best qualified to confront the issues facing Precinct 4 and all of Harris County – from public safety and flooding to health care and jobs. I’m unequivocally all in for Lesley!”​

Carol Alvarado, Texas State Senator
Ron Reynolds, Texas State Representative, District 27
Rafael Anchía, Texas State Representative, District 103
Ann Johnson, Texas State Representative, District 134
Jon Rosenthal, Texas State Representative, District 135
Gene Wu, Texas State Representative, District 137
Armando Walle, Texas State Representative, District 140
Ana Hernandez, Texas State Representative, District 143
Mary Ann Perez, Texas State Representative, District 144
Christina Morales, Texas State Representative, District 145
Shawn Thierry, Texas State Representative, District 146
Penny Morales Shaw
Penny Morales Shaw, Texas State Representative, District 148
Hubert Vo, Texas State Representative, District 149
Abbie Kamin, Houston City Council Member, District C
Robert Gallegos, Houston City Council Member, District I
Monica Flores Richart, Houston Community College, Trustee District 1
Adriana Tamez, Ed. D. Houston Community College Trustee, District III
Elizabeth Santos, Houston Independent School District Trustee, District I
Wendy Montoya Cloonan, Port Commissioner of the Port of Houston Authority
Hon. Ellen Cohen,
Former Mayor Pro Tem
& Houston City Council Member
Carroll G. Robinson, Texas Coalition of Black Democrats Chairman and Former Houston City Council Member
Gordon Quan, Former Mayor Pro Tem & Houston City Council Member
Holly Maria Flynn Vilaseca,
Former Houston Independent School District Trustee, District VI
Beto O’Rourke, Candidate for Texas Governor
Hollins Solo-47 (Dehaze)
Chris Hollins, Former Harris County Clerk 
Ben Chou
Ben Chou, Former Democratic Primary Candidate, Harris County Commissioner, Precinct 4
Vince Young
Vince Young, Former American Football Quarterback

Narmeen Anderson

Scott Atlas

Katy Bate

Ingrid Bond, HCDP Precinct Chair, 227

Chevazz Brown

Olivia Carbajal de Garcia

Malena Castillo

Matthew Chives

Claude Cummings, Jr.
CWA District 6 Vice President

Joe Dilg

Blake Ellis

George Farah

Karolin Fellner

Steven Flores, President, Latino Labor Leadership Council

Mary Ann Friedrich, HCDP Precinct Chair 14

Daniela Fuentes-Sarkis

Roland Garcia

LeeBrian Gaskins

Juan Guerra,
Co-Founder, Latino Democratic PAC

Alan Guttman, former Treasurer of Senate District 17

Stephen Abrams Harrison, HCDP Precinct Chair 175

Paul W. Hobby

Natali Hurtado, Former Democratic Party Nominee, State Rep. District 126

Shelley Kennedy

Shapnik Khan, Founder of the Bangladeshi-American Business Association

Kyler Knox

Barbara Lane

Michele Leal

Xavier Leal

Alice Lee, AAPI Advocate & Community Leader

Mark Lee, Former Democratic Chair SD17

Ryan Lindsay

Todd Litton, Former Candidate, U.S. House Texas Congressional District 2

Wayne Lord,
Plumbers Union Local 68

Rick Lord,
Plumbers Union Local 68

Dave Matthiesen

Sam Mar

Jackie Martin

Marissa Marquez

Alexavier Mendoza

Sherry & Gerald Merfish

Silvia Mintz

Stephen M. Miranda

Michael Moore, Former Candidate, Harris County Commissioner Pct. 3

Linda Morales

Mia Murillo

Rufi Natarajan, Former Director, Harris County Democratic Party, Precinct Chair 70

Gayle Nesom, HCDP Pct. 8 Chair, 685 Captain
SD17 Meyerland-area Section Leader

Amber Mostyn

Lindsay Taylor Muñoz

Stephen Newton

Ottmar Nolasco

Alexander Obregon

Ken Olive

Jim Perdue

Doug Peterson

Lillie Schechter, Former Chair of Harris County Democratic Party and HCDP Precinct Chair 33

Sameer Shah

Lenora Sorola-Pohlman, Co-Founder, Latinas United PAC

Melissa Nicholson Sternfels

Daniel Ramirez

Conchita Reyes, Co-Founder, L.E.A.D. Together PAC

Aylin Rodriguez

James Rodriguez, Co-Founder, Latino Democratic PAC

Sandra Rodriguez

Tony Sanchez, Jr., Former Democratic Party Nominee, Texas Governor

Kinza Siddiqui

Derick Smith

Brian Trachtenberg

Alma Vazquez

John Vecchio 

Tammi Wallace

Michael Weinberg

Aminata Williams 

Marvin Williams

Marc Zito